Guildford Railway Station

Railway StationThe postcard shown here dates from the early 1920’s and shows the forecourt to the railway station at Guildford. It is certainly the view my maternal Grandparents would have seen around this time.

When I was growing up it looked to some degree like this and it was that I recalled when I spotted this postcard a decade ago.

During the 1970’s and 1980’s when my stamp collecting was going full force there was a stamp shop in the row of shops on the approach to the station entrance. I am sure it was owned by a chap called John. Whatever he was called he was always welcoming and I usually left with some goodies and still have the pair of stamp tweezers he gave me thirty years ago.

Once or twice I talked to Mum, should I part with the collection. Nothing especially valuable, and Mum would always say the same thing, “they are yours and it is up to you.” Each time I would just have one last look through before parting with them, but find myself putting them back in the case, which is why I still have them today and why this blog has come into existence.

Happy memories!

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